At the start of the year we were looking forward to expanding our education grants and launching the Speakers Bureau program. Then March arrived bringing the coronavirus pandemic with it.

It changed our plans.

We temporarily shelved the education grant program and redirected those funds into the emergency grant program. Since the pandemic began, we’ve received nearly four times the applications for emergency grants that we received in the two prior years! We’ve approved most of those applications.

We are on track to launch the Speakers Bureau, but with online training. Our in-person workshops are on-hold until we can safely meet together. Although we’re still in testing mode, last month we booked four speakers for paid engagements. The events, like everything else, were virtual, but that was great news for our speakers because they didn’t have to travel. They didn’t even have to leave their homes!

If you are an exoneree with public speaking experience, register now for the Speakers Bureau so you’re available for booking upcoming fall events. If you don’t have public speaking experience, we have curated online training tools that will help you develop the skills you need to become an effective public speaker. Then, when we’re back to in-person meetings, we can begin our workshops that were designed specifically for exonerees.

Be safe, everyone. See you in the virtual world.