The Pruno Fund will offer, as a means to financial sustainability, a Speakers Bureau Certification Program. Any Exoneree interested in public speaking can become a Fund Certified Public Speaker through this 2 level certification program. Organizations and Event Managers will have access to the Pruno Fund’s database of certified speakers in which to select speakers that will best suit their needs.

As a registered Organization or Event Manager, you must complete the application process. Once the process is complete and acknowledged you will have access to the Pruno Fund’s Certified Public Speakers database and become a member of the Speakers Bureau Network. There you will find the speaker, their certification verification and a profile of the speaker along with the speaker’s contact information. From this data base you may select and contact the Certified Public Speaker who will best suit your needs. Go to online application, if already registered click here.

The Pruno Fund charges a 20% administration fee on each Speakers’ Bureau contract.