October 2, 2020 is International Wrongful Conviction Day and the official launch date of The Pruno Fund Speakers Bureau. The thousands of men and women who have been exonerated of their wrongful convictions have a lot to teach us about perseverance, patience, and hope. These lessons are especially needed now. Organizations around the world are talking about wrongful conviction today. Some have special events – virtual events like “Walk Out for Justice” hosted by the Northern California Innocence Project.

Here at The Pruno Fund, we are asking you to consider booking an Exonoree to speak at your next event. This is one way we can help create a sustainable income source for exonerees, most of whom never receive compensation for their years of wrongful imprisonment. Our speakers can motivate sales reps, professional and amateur athletes, civic leaders, students, and many other groups. They are amazing people with unbelievable life experiences and they’re helping us improve our justice system for everyone. Join us and them in this worthy cause by choosing one of them to be a keynote speaker at your next and make it unforgettable.