Communications Training

Our communications training workshops are designed to train exonerated individuals how to communicate their experiences effectively for advocacy and other public speaking. Storytelling is a powerful and healing way to cope with trauma and stress. It can help exonerees express, reframe, and connect with their experiences.  Storytelling has an important role in advocating for yourself, for others, and for change. And speaking skills can lead exonerees into paid speaking opportunities.

Upcoming Workshops

Quotes from previous attendees:

“It is the empowering of each other. We hear each other’s stories. We have suffered the way that they have. And it is in there that the power comes.” —Obie Anthony

“It takes a lot of healing; it takes a lot of help; it takes a lot of family, lawyers, and other exonerees, to recover.” —Gloria Killian

“For so many years, I’ve had to keep this aspect of what I’ve gone through as secret as possible. Being able to open up and actually tell my story has brought a certain release, a certain freedom, a certain healing to make me feel at peace with myself.” —Darwin Crabtree

Communications Workshop May 2024

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