Training Resources

In addition to training by our team, we have links to free resources to help hone your speaking skills. The Coursera and Saylor Academy courses take time, and include reading materials, video instruction and quizzes. Upon successful completion, you’ll be awarded a certificate in public speaking.

We also have links to other free training videos that you can view at your leisure. Each of them is designed to help you sharpen your story and make it more compelling for various audiences.

Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization

This four-course specialization will provide you with the instruction, experience, and practice to develop and deliver compelling presentations. Drawing from the established knowledge in communication, rhetoric, linguistics, and argumentation, each course balances proven ideas with lots of speech practice.

The courses in this specialization should help speakers at all levels. If you are nervous about public speaking, this is for you!

Comm101 Public Speaking

This is a self-paced course that is estimated to be completed in 92 hours. This course systematically examines the elements of an effective speech and goes through an element-by-element examination of the essentials of public speaking, while also identifying traits of the individual speaker and how they affect preparation and presentation. This course also demonstrates specific, performance-oriented aspects of public speaking. The themes of information and ethics tie these elements together and are emphasized in every part of the course because they are vitally important to all communicators. At the end, a test is given and if the individual gets 70% or above, a certificate is issued.

Other resources:

The Public Speaking Project

The Public Speaking Project is a YouTube channel that provides videos to help improved public speaking skills provided by a variety of speech professionals.

Fundamentals of Public Speaking Online Lecture Series

Fundamentals of Public Speaking refines students’ listening and verbal/nonverbal skills, essential to effective communication. In addition to developing and delivering informative and persuasive speeches, students will assess both peer and guest speaker performances to sharpen critiquing skills. Students will further demonstrate competence in the incorporation of technology used in professional presentations. Users can track their progress in this 7-video course.

Learn Out Loud

Includes many free public speaking audio and video guides.